Monday, September 30, 2013

We're at 34 Days...Time to Meet Auntie Joanne!

What can I say about Joanne, my godmother and my mom's best friend since their childhood in Guyana?  She's one of the strongest, smartest, calmest, loveliest, and most rational people in my life.  I'll let her describe a few aspects of herself in her own words with my donor questionnaire:

MC: Diaspora's mission is to empower families and individuals, starting with young people. What's one of your favorite childhood (or teenage) memories?

JYM: One of my favorite childhood memories is waking up at 5.00am by [my] Aunt Vi. She would lead my brothers and me (and any of my cousins who were there) down a completely deserted Camp Street Avenue to the Sea Wall [MC: in Georgetown, Guyana, for those who don't know] to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Well...she would swim. The rest of us just experienced the breathtaking magnificence of salt water, sand and waves while trying not to swallow water or drown. Afterwards, she would feed us butter and brown sugar sandwiches. It doesn't sound like much but they were delicious!! When she marched us back home under the towering flamboyant trees on Camp Street, she would lead us in singing campfire songs. It was a magical time for us. It was long before the usual traffic so it seemed as if the City belonged to us.

MC: No matter how many times I finish a marathon, it still seems a bit implausible. What advice would you give to someone tackling a difficult and seemingly insurmountable goal?

JYM: Well, first believe that you are capable of achieving it. Then break it down into small steps. Reward and praise yourself for each small step that you achieve. Say your affirmations every day. Visualize yourself reaching the final goal. Enjoy the process.

MC: What is a cause that you feel passionately about? (Feel free to promote a particular organization or organizations.)

JYM: Reading is for me the Key to self discovery. I learned to read at an early age and I read to my children. With a book you will never be bored (even when there is no wifi). I support Literacy programs everywhere!

MC: Click here and here to learn about top literacy nonprofits around the country. Finally, is there anything else you want to share?

JYM: I admire your commitment to helping families and young people who need assistance to improve their lives. Big Hugs to you, Lovey, for your hard work!!!

As you can see, she's the best. Thank you, Auntie Joanne, and thanks for sharing your time, resources, and wisdom! As always, you can join me and Joanne as Diaspora supporters by clicking here.

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