Wednesday, September 25, 2013

With 39 Days to Go, Let's Meet Miraida!

The glamorous Miraida.

As I mentioned, this year I want to put the focus on Diaspora's programs, clients, staff, and donors rather than just my run. Today's Diaspora profile is of Miraida, a PhD candidate at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information, a Diaspora donor for almost as long as me, and one of my best friends.  I'll let her speak for herself!

MC: Diaspora's mission is to empower families and individuals to maximize their ability to succeed through culturally sensitive health promotion, family support services and advocacy. What's one of your favorite childhood memories from a time when you felt particularly powerful?

MM:  If being a teenager counts as childhood, I'd say my favorite memory of feeling powerful as a kid was the first time I flew an airplane. I had decided I wanted to become a pilot, so I enrolled in flight school and got an afterschool job to pay for gas for the plane.  I got my student's pilot license and for about 2 years, flew all over northern NJ and parts of upstate New York. I even landed in Poughkeepsie once.  Their airport has a control tower, so I had to radio in for permission to land and everything. It was the best.  I need to take that up again.

MC: No matter how many times I finish a marathon, it still seems a bit implausible. What advice would you give to someone tackling a difficult and seemingly insurmountable goal?

MM:  Don't think about the end--take it one mile at a time. And drink lots of water.

MC: What is a cause that you feel passionately about?

MM:  I feel passionate about supporting the arts in our community and making sure everyone has access to the arts.  To support this, I'm on the board of En Foco, an organization that supports minority artists and helps make art available to everyone by exhibiting in public places.

MC: THANK YOU MIRAIDA! Click here to join me and Miraida as supporters of Diaspora's work.

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