Sunday, October 20, 2013

After a Long Hiatus...Meet Dayan Abeyaratne!

So...I haven't been posting, but I have been running!  Here are a couple pics from recent runs:

From the Grete's Gallop Half
when I made my friend Nicole
crazy and ran into many of my
running friends
From when I woke up late for the Bronx 10 Mile
and was last for a while - you get a police escort
when you're last
From the Staten Island Half
Marathon when I ran with my
girl/Adobo teammate Rhea

Dayan (linked from the
Sunday Times)
Despite my internet absence (at least on this blog) many of you wonderful people have continued to support my run for Diaspora, and so I'm going to play some catch up on donor and Diaspora profiles.  First among them is Dayan Abeyaratne, the brother of my friend Shala (also my sister's best friend), who supported Diaspora along with his wife Aruni and daughter Dhatri. I could tell you how awesome Dayan is, but you can also just read more about him, and why he runs the Marathon himself, here.  Thank you, Dayan, and thanks for introducing me to Dhatri, who is amazing in her own right and supported Diaspora separately from her parents - the next donor profile will be of Dhatri. Again, you can join me and Dayan, Aruni and Dhatri as Diaspora supporters by clicking here.