Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet Justin McCague!

Hello again!  I'm happy to introduce you to another of my fabulous donors, Justin McCague. Justin had the good fortune to marry my dear friend Ashlyn. He's a music fanatic, an diehard Ducks fan, and judging from his and Ash's Facebook posts, kind of a foodie. Plus he's hilarious and generous and fun. But you can judge for yourself!  Here's Justin: 

Justin, basking in the post-marriage
MC: Diaspora's mission is to empower families and individuals, starting with young people. What's one of your favorite childhood (or teenage) memories?

JM: I'm having to dig deep into the recesses of my memory, as the real world has left me jaded.  There was a time when (probably during the summer between 8th grade & high school) when I was starting to get okay at basketball (or so I thought), perceived myself as being somewhat successful with the ladies, and thought I would be able to reinvent myself in high school.  I think that was also the last time I didn't allow my self-consciousness to kill my creativity.  I daydream occasionally about being able to press the reset button & try high school again using what I know now...don't we all?

MC: No matter how many times I finish a marathon, it still seems a bit implausible. What advice would you give to someone tackling a difficult and seemingly insurmountable goal?

JM: Never having run a marathon (obviously), I'm not sure I've ever faced anything physically insurmountable on that level.  However, I've found that the easiest way to accomplish any huge goal is to make it smaller.  Break the boulder down into much more manageable rocks & deal with each of them accordingly.  I guess in your circumstance that would be breaking it down at a per-mile level, or setting various landmark goals across the route.  Also be sure to reward yourself DURING the journey; have your cheering sections set up at different spots on the marathon & surprise you with various signs of encouragement....something to make you laugh as you're in your personal hell.

MC: What is a cause that you feel passionately about? (Feel free to promote a particular organization or organizations.)

JM: I feel passionately about CALM (Child Abuse Listening & Mediation), because it's an amazing organization that pays my bills & certain members of the staff cook me dinner on a fairly regular basis.  I guess helping at-risk families is an added benefit.  Pretty similar to Diaspora, as you know!

Thanks, Justin!

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