Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Ran the City for Diaspora! And Also, Meet Dhatri!

So I did it!  I ran it in 4:54, which was my fastest time since 2005, and my third fastest time of my 7 NYC Marathons.  AND I didn't realize it, but it was my tenth marathon overall.  Lots of milestones for me personally, and thanks to all of you, we have raised almost $3,000 so far for Diaspora's work in Brooklyn and Haiti.  Thank you all so much for your support.  Here are some fun pics of the day (please take special note of the awesome legwarmers that I forgot to take off before I started running):

Just to clarify, that's a lollipop
Somewhere in the home stretch
So happy when Marina
found me in Harlem

Anyway, it was a great day. But back to the point of this blog: all of you!  I have MANY profiles to post, and want to get even more, so donors, if you haven't filled your questionnaire out please click here.  I'm going to start with Dhatri, who is an amazing teenager and already a leader in her high school.  She chose to make a gift to Diaspora separately from her parents, and apart from that, she has a deep commitment to give back to her community. Thank you so much, Dhatri. And now, Dhatri's responses:

MC: Diaspora's mission is to empower families and individuals, starting with young people. What's one of your favorite childhood (or teenage) memories?

DA: My favorite childhood memory was the day I got my dog, Cadman. I had been begging for a dog my entire life, and finally when I was nine years old we moved into an apartment that allowed pets. After weeks of searching, we finally found an adorable black and white puppy in a shelter in upstate New York. He was the runt of the litter, but from that day on he has been my best friend. It's so important for every kid to experience a moment when they get something they truly want. Cadman has been with me through every childhood experience, and is the best companion I could ask for.

MC: No matter how many times I finish a marathon, it still seems a bit implausible. What advice would you give to someone tackling a difficult and seemingly insurmountable goal?

DA: Enjoy every moment and remember that every step gets you closer to your goal. If you keep going you will get there before you know it. I always try to imagine myself at the finish line, and how proud I will be of myself!

MC: What is a cause that you feel passionately about? (Feel free to promote a particular organization or organizations.)

DA: Over the past few years, I have been supporting an organization in Sri Lanka called Navajeevana, which fights for the rights of people with disabilities and provides education for disabled children in rural areas. I feel so fortunate for the education I have been given, so I wholly support any organization providing equal opportunities and education for all children!

MC: Anything else you want to share?

DA: Hulloo!

Isn't she awesome!  Thanks, Dhatri!  More profiles to come...

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